I am Rick Given

a family member of someone we've lost to ALS

New Mexico

I also believe she died happy.

My wife Bev was diagnosed with Bulbar ALS December of 2020 at the Scottsdale Mayo Clinic. She taught 6th grade Gifted and Talented classes for 34 years, and was once named GT teacher of the year for the state of Texas. She loved to teach, and was loved by her students.

By the third quarter of 2021 she was having trouble talking and swallowing, and began to need help walking. Her favorite place in the world was a beach, so I arranged for us to go to Jamaica for our 43rd anniversary.

We spent a wonderful week at the beach, and renewed our vows on December 24th, our anniversary. She died early the next morning. It was a blessing, as she didn’t have to endure the end stages of ALS, and I believe she thought it was a good time to let go. I also believe she died happy.

Our three daughters and I spread her ashes on Galveston Beach, where we had an annual family trip. We all miss her so much.

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