Veterans Team

When: The second and fourth Monday of the month from 3pm – 4pm ET

Co-Chairs: Lara Garey 

Mission Statement: Raise awareness about veteran-specific ALS issues, educate the public about ALS and veterans, connect veterans with resources to improve their quality of ALS care and accelerate the development of and access to treatments and cures.

Vision Statement: Become the premier patient-driven organization advocating for veterans affected by ALS and their families, and influence policies and practices intended to end ALS through treatments and cures.


  • Raise awareness and improve lives of vets with ALS through legislative and collaborative actions.
  • Educate and empower veterans with ALS and their loved ones on navigating the healthcare system.
  • Raise awareness of the prevalence of ALS among veterans.
  • Support policy that improves the lives of veterans with ALS and their loved ones by providing them with resources, increasing funding for ALS research and/or providing easier access to clinical trials.


What are we working on:  

On the Fourth Wednesday of every month from 12-1pm CST, I AM ALS  hosts a support group for Veterans living with ALS to share their experiences and receive emotional support. To sign up, click here: https://www.iamals.org/action/join-a-support-group/

If you would like to learn about other I AM ALS Community Teams, click here: https://www.iamals.org/action/join-an-i-am-als-community-team/

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