On Your Mark

On your mark, get set, walk for ALS! It’s almost ALS Awareness month, and advocates everywhere are gearing up to take advantage of this special month to bring even more visibility to the ALS community.

One such advocate is Maycee Wilkie, a college student who was a primary caregiver to her dad, who passed away from ALS, from ages 11 to 14. 

Maycee has created a social media campaign focused on awareness, self care, and gratitude called “On Your Mark.”

Here, Maycee describes “On Your Mark” in her own words:

“During a walk in April of last year, I realized that the ability to walk is such a blessing that ALS strips away. This realization inspired me to create On Your Mark, a movement and gratitude challenge. On Your Mark strives to encourage those impacted by ALS and others to prioritize their mental and physical health through movement and gratitude. ALS is a thief, but we can still find good in each day of what we still have.”

Want to learn more about “On Your Mark” and how you can be a part of this special campaign?

Join I AM ALS and Maycee on Friday, May 3rd from 2-2:45 PM ET for a webinar focusing on how you can get involved. 

We hope to see you there!

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