Lou Gehrig Day Team

When: Tuesdays 2-3 PM ET

Co-chair:  Cristy Hardin

Mission Statement: To raise ALS Awareness, promote Lou Gehrig Day, celebrate Lou’s legacy, and unite the ALS community for a memorable day.


  • Explain the meaning behind Lou Gehrig Day and its significance 
  • Bring awareness to ALS and the experience of people living with and impacted by ALS 

What we do:

  • Connect and engage with major, minor, youth, and recreational league baseball teams to create Lou Gehrig Day activities and content
  • Provide visibility to people living with ALS and their loved ones
  • Partner with ALS organizations across the country on Lou Gehrig Day
  • Bring together the ALS community for a day of fun and advocacy


  • Partnered with major, minor, youth, and recreational league baseball teams to co-create game-day awareness activities, such as:
    • Having people living with and impacted by ALS throw out the game’s first pitch
    • Facilitating pre-game ceremonies and activities designed to raise awareness for ALS and build community
    • Hosting outreach tables of awareness and educational resources for game attendees 
    • Playing Lou Gehrig and ALS-related media on the Jumbotron
    • Honor Veterans with LAS
  • Hosted events across the country with almost 8,000 attendees in 2023

What we are working on:

  • Expanding our reach by partnering with additional baseball teams  
  • Collaborating with other ALS organizations to help increase visibility of ALS and resources
  • Assembling a team specifically for organizing and implementing Lou Gehrig Day activities
  • Creating promotional materials to increase awareness
  • Educating ballpark staff about Lou Gehrig Day and ALS
  • Expanding outreach with a ALS Awareness Library Campaign
  • Hosting a May 1st book talk with NY Times bestselling author, Jonathan Eig to discuss Luckiest Man: The Life and Death of Lou Gehrig

If you would like to learn about other I AM ALS Community Teams, click here: https://www.iamals.org/action/join-an-i-am-als-community-team/

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