ALS Veteran Champion Award

I AM ALS’ Veterans Community Team established the ALS Veterans Champion Award to recognize individuals and organizations that distinguish themselves by going above and beyond to address the needs of veterans living with ALS and their loved ones. This award recognizes those who provide commendable service, accomplish an outstanding achievement and commit acts of kindness and compassionate care during delivery of service.

The award is based on the following criteria:

  • Provides or helps plan excellent care to people living with ALS and their loved ones
  • Does an excellent job educating people living with ALS about their disease and resources 
  • Goes above and beyond to provide the best possible experience for people living with ALS
  • Upholds The Morris ALS Principles

ALS Veteran Champions who have received this award:

  • Leah Darling
  • Dr. Richard Bedlack
  • Dr. Huned Patwa
  • Mary Hahn Ward
  • Lara Garey

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