2024 Commitments

We are determined to keep making change with your support in 2024. Here are our top priorities:

  1. Build a strategy to improve and quicken access & approval pipelines. We are counting on scientific progress coming down the pike and need to ready the system for drug development, scientific review, approval, and access. 
  2. Launch a Cures Coalition to bring the ALS and neurodegenerative community together and collaboratively improve national understanding, visibility, energy, and compassion around ALS and related diseases. 
  3. Host an inaugural ALS Community Summit! Building on the May flag ceremony, this event will now include more time for connecting and networking; advocate-led training sessions, story sharing, and much more. More info and registration coming soon! 
  4. Scale the movement and our support services through the development of a peer support specialist program, where trained volunteers will be able to provide client support and help us tackle the growing pool of requests.
  5. Push for federal improvements that help families, including increases in research and expanded access dollars, plus stronger access for veterans and home health.

Still, I AM ALS will deliver all that we typically do and more than these activities in 2024, thanks to our incredible volunteer community, dedicated funders, and a small-but-mighty staff.

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