The Many Shades of ALS Team

Co-chair: Kendra Womack

When: The second and fourth Wednesday of the month from 12:00pm – 1:00 p.m. ET  

Mission Statement:

The Many Shades of ALS Community Team brings attention to and provides resources for the mental, physical and social health of people of color living with and impacted by ALS.


  • Amplify the voices and experiences of people of color living with and impacted by ALS.
  • Raise awareness of and connect people of color living with and impacted by ALS to supportive services (Community Support programs and initiatives, psychosocial, financial, etc.) and clinical trials. 
  • Grow the movement by recruiting more people of color living with and impacted by ALS to participate in Many Shades of ALS


  • Raised awareness of ALS on social media to recruit new members
  • Team members Bernie and Juan did interviews for Lorri Carey’s podcast I’m Dying to Tell You 
  • Team members Juan and Osiel launched a Hispanic Heritage Month campaign on social media
  • Developed “Let’s Talk About It: A Mental Health Series”
  • Community member Maceo hosted a profound conversation with Chelsea Carter, PhD on  Racism, Bias and Inequality within the ALS Landscape

What we are working on:

  • Continuing to host Let’s Talk About It: A Mental Health Series sessions
  • Raising awareness of ALS and its impact on communities of color to bring more people of color into the movement to end ALS
  • Making connections with other organizations within and outside of the neurodegenerative disease space to host events and collaborate to further the movement.

If you would like to learn about other I AM ALS Community Teams, click here: https://www.iamals.org/action/join-an-i-am-als-community-team/



Lisa McMullen

a friend of someone we've lost to ALS

Team Members

Osiel Mendoza

living with ALS

Maceo Carter

living with ALS

Bernadine Okeke

living with ALS

Troy Fields

living with ALS

Chanel Hobbs

living with ALS

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