Be part of I AM ALS’ 2024 ALS Awareness event!

ALS Awareness Month might not be until May, but we’re getting a head start on planning our events.

As you may remember, for the past two years, we have displayed 6,000 flags bearing the names of those living with ALS, those we have lost to ALS, and ALS gene carriers on the National Mall as part of ALS Awareness Month.

This moving display will be the centerpiece of our event once again this coming year.

Sign up here to have your or your loved ones’ name(s) and information added to one of the flags that will be displayed.

Note: All names submitted to be on flags may eventually be accessible on a public document so people can review and edit information before we go to print. 


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Join us for the 2024 Community Summit!

Join us in Washington DC from May 29th - June 2nd for the 3rd annual ALS Awareness Month flag display and inaugural Community Summit.

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