Tell Cigna: Approve Coverage for Relyvrio

I AM ALS is appalled by Cigna’s decision to not cover an FDA approved treatment for ALS that extends functionality and life. Cigna needs to immediately reverse this decision. People living with ALS deserve better and don’t have time to wait while battling an always fatal disease.

We created this form that will tweet for you and tag your senators and representatives so they know that Cigna’s decision is impacting their constituents.

NOTE: To send the tweets, you will need to click the “Tweet” button next to each tweet. This will open a pop-up window in Twitter that will let you then choose to post the tweet.

Your tweet will read:

.@Cigna, your flawed decision to deny people on your insurance coverage for Relyvrio is inhumane. Your decision impacts real people who are trying to fight ALS, a 100% fatal disease. They don’t have time to wait. Reverse your decision now. [handles of representatives/senators]

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